Problem with fonts?

Hello, Dorico 3.5 in Mac 2019 (Intel). I haven´t changed any settings or anything else, and now some files (I don´t know why only some of them) look like this. Any idea? Thank you very much in advance.

I almost forget it. Some older files also have problems with rythm bars. They doesn´t look as it must be.

MacOS Big Sur (11.3)

You’ve check the Music Symbols Editor to check that the symbols have not been altered in those documents?
You’ve restarted?
You’ve checked for font duplicates?
You’ve check the Font Style used for those elements?
You could try clearing the OS font cache - easiest was is to reboot into Safe boot mode (hold SHIFT) at restart; then restart normally.

This is the problem, thank you, I had not seen that. The font is altered in the narrow bar numbers (not the rest of bar numbers):

And do you know how could it happen and how can I fix it?

Thank you very much!

I tried this, but it didn´t work.

If the symbol is changed in the editor, then you need to change it back to the default, or manually restore the correct glyph.

How it happens? I can only think it was manually altered.

It hasn’t been manually altered in Dorico, or the revert to factory button in the bottom left corner would be lit up.
Reinstall the font - you can download the file from here: bravura/Bravura.otf at master · steinbergmedia/bravura · GitHub

Reinstall the font looks like the fix. Thanks to both of you :slightly_smiling_face: