Problem with .FXP file use

Hi everyone,

Before I launch into my potentially embarrasing question, I thought I’d mention that the last version of Cubase I have used (and still enjoy using) is a very old copy of Cubase Score for an old Macintosh LCIII :smiley:

I’m currently using Cubase Artist 6 and have just got hold of a number of .fxp files which are supposed to house new sounds to use. I don’t have a clue how to activate them, where to put them, or even where Cubase Artist 6 default installs to!

Is it possible to put more .fxp based sounds into a vst instrument such as the Halion Sonic SE that comes with the program?
If not, would they be able to be used in any aspect of cubase?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,



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Hi Scott, I thought I’d betetr answer this, before it falls off the page m8,

The FXB files you are referring to, is a file format that Cubase used to use, mainly for Banks, Programs are FXP …these are an obsolete format m8, but before you panic, they can be converted,although I am not sure if the conversion feature is available inside Cubase Artist m8.

What are the files from, cubase effects? or older cubase vst instruments…if it is effects for example you could go to Steinbergs FTP page below and download the original effect plugin.

& go into archives and have a look around m8, the old plugs you were using might still be available.

if they are available you have to copy the files into the correct vst plugs folder, just copy & paste…then open up the plugin and at the dropdown box at the top of the plugin gui, you have an option to import/covert fxp/fxb files.

hope this gets you on the right track…anything not quite clear enough , just holla back. :smiley:

Thank you very much for the help you’ve given to me Discoworx, I’ll try this out and see what happens,

Take care,


Following a check on the files I have, they appear to be Halion 3 based, which I don’t happen to have.

Is there any utility I could use to convert the .FXP files to VST3 or do I need to perhaps wait for the demo of Halion 4 to come out and convert them in there?

Thanks again!


I would also think that your Halion 3 fxp firles will also need the wav files used in the sampler,which are associated with the fxp…Do you have the wavs?

I’ve got all the WAV files that were associated with the FXP patches, would this be enough to use on the Halion 4 demo when it comes out?

u should be good to go Scott, I would suggest that u can also use another program to convert these files into something more useable…

What sampler are you intending to use Scott, your mentioning Halion 4 demo, but this would only be good for a limited time…are the samples MultiSamples of instruments? or are they just one shots? or a combo!..

Using a free sample player would be ur best bet, is a cool free sampler m8…Just use the wavs in it, multi or otherwise, as it doesnt convert halion files, but as u have no sampler at the moment this is your best route for the future…when the demo of halion comes out, it might have some crippled features, re conversion…but uou have options…

also check out uvi workstation …

this is BY FAR the best sounding free sampler,rex player etc on the market…beats many paid samplers quality wise & features …check it out…just pop ur wavs in here and ur good to go. :smiley:

Thank you very much for the help :smiley:

Take care,