Problem with grace notes (Bug?)


I have found that when you delete a grace note from a grace note group in a percussion part, it behaves somewhat strange:

It also happens that if I try to enter a grace note figure that changes form one instrument to another, it does add them vertically:

Is that the intended behaviour?

I also would like to suggest than when “R” (repeat) is pressed on a grace note, it would be more logical to me that the repeated note would be added after the grace note, not as a grace note at the same rhythmic position:


These are all consequences of the fact that these grace notes are on different instruments, and deleting music on one instrument doesn’t edit music on other instruments. There’s an asymmetry here because Dorico does handle this reasonably well when inputting, but not when deleting.

Thank you Daniel, the workaround for me is to enter the notes in a pitched staff and copy them to the percussion staff… it works for me

Daniel, I would like to add that the playback of these grace notes is not correct. In the case of the 3 grace notes of the 4/4 bar, they should be played one after the other and the second and the third grace notes are played simultaneously. Thanks again!