Problem with grace notes

I want to wrote a grace note in the bass clef and then the following note in the violin clef. But I get violin clef, bass clef, grace note and then the normal note. I do not succeed to put the violin clef between grace note and the following note. What I’m doing wrong?

I wasn’t able to accomplish this either, presumably because the grace note doesn’t technically doesn’t have a time value and isn’t independent.

But this seems like a good option instead:

Select the high C, Shift-C for clefs popover, 8va.
grace notes.png

Something crazy going on here. I can’t figure out how to get three attacahments in one post. And I can’t delete this because I’ve made another post after it!

You can fake this by moving the G clef to the right using the “offset” property.

Then fix up the note spacing in Engrave mode.

Note, this looks correct but won’t play back correctly, because the Dorico thinks the grace note is really an A in the treble clef.

OK, Here are the other attachments:

Thank you, the workaround works good for me! But I hope that Dorico will get a better solution for this in future.

If you have a grand staff, you might shift the grace note to the staff below (shortcut M). Depends on what’s in the LH, of course.
Schermafbeelding 2018-10-25 om 14.02.10.png
For a solo instrument, you might try a short ossia:

I encounter a small inconvenience:
The whole bar rest in the ossia staff is displayed, although the ossia staff doesn’t show a whole bar. I know tricks to make it invisible, but I think it shouldn’t be there in the first place. The whole bar rest only appears if the ossia starts on a barline, not if it starts in the middle of a bar.

There is a command in edit menu to move a clef after grace notes. See the details here

Thank you, Andras, in many situations it works. But in following examples not: in the first one there are two bass clefs, in the second one should be the bass clef before the bar line.
Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-25 um 18.34.14.png

I’m able to make the command ‘clef after grace notes’ working for the first example. The second one needs some adjustments trough the clef offset property and the position of the notes.