Problem with Groove Agent 5 Content Zip File

I have downloaded the Groove Agent 5 Content Zip file a few times. As I go to extract or unzip the zip, I keep getting an error that it’s invalid. It’s a rather large zip file at @ 29GB.

The exact Windows error message is: "The Compressed (zipped) folder ‘C:\Users\AJ\Downloads\’ is invalid.’

Has anyone else had this problem?
Any suggestions? I’ve already downloaded it several times, once via direct ethernet connection to my internet WiFi

Unzipped in Columbus

I just did a trial download and it worked fine - though I got the unpacked VST Sound files, not a Zip file. I think Steinberg Download Assistant downloads a Zip file that it automatically unpacks - in which case you will need a bit over double the disk space of the download for this process to succeed.

I would plug in an external drive with at least 70GB free space and set Steinberg Download Assistant’s target folder to that drive if you don’t have at least 70GB free space on your C drive.

I am having the exact same issue. Downloaded the 28GB file twice. Both times, when I attempt to extract the contents I get the error message “The Compressed (zipped) folder ‘C:\Users\AJ\Downloads\’ is invalid.” This is frustrating for one because it takes so long to download the content file just to find out it’s corrupt.

Any ideas? Any other way to get the Sound library for version 5 of Groove Agent?

I had the same problem after upgrading to GA5. In the end (I mean it took a while) crappy Yamaha support in Australia sent a usb with it on. After the install I still had problems with missing files. I no longer use Cubase or GA5 as I think the software and support are awful. I have moved to another DAW and now make music instead of wasting my time fixing problems.