Problem with Halion licence. No response from Steinberg support

I opened a support ticket 14 days ago, as yetI have not received any response from Steinberg. How long do they take to review a ticket in the first instance.

This question cannot be answered.

Why not just ask the question you are asking?

Hi Steve,

Yes it was an odd question, but just trying to raise a help flag.

I am not sure the community can help, but here is my problem. My issue is self-inflicted, caused by my foolish lack of brain engagement. I wanted to upgrade from Halion 6 to Halion 7, so I purchased the Halion 7 upgrade. Shortly afterwards I realised my mistake. My version of Halion 6 is embedded in Absolute 5, so I should have purchased the Absolute 6 upgrade. Obviously the standalone Halion 7 licence is useless to me and has now expired. I raised a ticket with Steinberg on the 3rd February. Hopefully, Steinberg will revise my licence, but I am yet to receive any response from them.

Write to the Steinberg shop, they can sort this out. Their info is on the Steinberg support page.

One thing you can try in the meantime is to manually delete your library manager plugin. The actual executable. Puff it.

Then also delete the library folder. Reinstall. Hopefully this works. Cheers!

Thanks Amadeus. I have written to the shop as Steve suggested (thanks Steve), awaiting a response. I’ll let you know.

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I wanted to update Halion, but have Absolute, so I had to update that.
There’s no work around that I know of, so you’ll just have to go through
the place you bought it from to get it straightened out.

Thanks Felis,
Yes I know there is no work around, trying to contact Steinberg. I have also contacted the shop who said they would pass on my request to Steinberg support. But alas 21 days after clicking-before-thinking, I have not had any communication from support.

I have had excellent responses using the North American Support page (Chat).
Very short wait times through early and middle day (MST).

Good Luck

an fyi for those arriving here through a search, the advice above does not have any effect on licensing.

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It was hit and miss. I had to do that PLUS delete the library and other steps. There seems to be a combination of issue that cause this.

Regardless…hope everything gets worked out.

No. The problem is the OP bought the wrong update license.


Ha! Steve for the win! Well good luck to him anyway!

Thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions. I contacted the shop (FastSpring) as Steve suggested. They responded within a few hours and were very helpful, as they contacted Steinberg. The next day all resolved, I now have the correct licence. So a big thank you to Mary M at FastSpring and Ed at Steinberg and of course Steve for the suggestion.