problem with Halion (saving controller assignment)

hi guys, I’m having a little problem…
I’m running cubase 9 pro, with nektar lx88+ , I have a project with 10 instrument tracks,
its for live gigs, I have a track with halion for each song, each song\track is layered with 2-6 sounds.

I was mapping my controller to my needs with the “learn cc” option within halion,
(I mapped the controller only on the first track)
When I finished, I went to the ‘options’ tab => midi controller => controller assignment => set to default. and saved the project.
Now, only the track I worked on has the new assignments…
all the other tracks stayed untouched(even after restart… )
Even when I’m creating a new track instrument in that project, with halion, still it does not remember these assignments…

thank you for the help^^