Problem with Halion Sonic SE 3

Hello there,
I am facing an issue with “Halion Sonic SE 3” with the “Level” setting under the “Mix” tab.
Everytime I move the volume slider to make an instrument louder or quieter, it only keeps the changes until they stay in this position only for as long as I play the track. The second I press pause (space on the keyboard) they jump back to a standard position.

This only happens on MIDI channel one.

In the gif you can see the problem. There is a point, where the sliders jump back to their standard position.

Has anyone already faced the same issue or knows how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

These faders are controlled by the MIDI CC7 Volume. Make sure, there are no MIDI CC7 messages in the track, please.