Problem with high sample rates with 2 mr816

Ok so I have just finished some deep testing! (yes I realise its 1230am!)

System is 2 x MR816X interfaces not daisy chained into the two separate ports on pyro card.
Windows 7 Home 64bit
Cubase 6.5


Fresh build
All drivers and software installed.
Cubase open
check superior drummer in new project (44.1khz)
Sound fine no problems.
open Ambient 2 (ample rate switches to 88.2khz)
glitches and then drops out audio
close Ambient 2
new project (sample rate stays at 88.1khz)
try superior drummer in new project
Switch project to 44.1khz
Reopen Ambient 2 (sample rate switches to 88.2)
Switch sample rate of Ambient 2 to 44.1khz
Try set sample rate to 48khz
Switch sample rate to 96khz
Close Ambient 2
New project at 88.2
try superior drummer

I then retried the above procedure with only 1 of the MR816x interfaces switched on and it works PERFECTLY at ANY SAMPLE RATE.

Prognosis so far

The problem only occurs when there are 2 MR816 interfaces hooked up and you try running at 88.2 or 96khz!

Higher sample rates are causing the issue. When you have tried using ambient 2 and it has switched to 88.1 when you reboot it STAYS AT 88.2 therefore causing glitching and problems for media player and youtube playback!

Switch sample rate to either 44.1 or 48khz and sound returns to normal!!!

I have loaded the file up on my Mac in my studio with the RME fireface UFX and project runs at any sample rate no worries so it is something to do with the MR816!

Oh I also have a third MR816 here which I tried swapping out the two other units one at a time to fault find and it is NOT one of the MR816’s as the result is always the same

This has to be sorted somehow and fast.

You cant run TWO MR816’s off one card, simple. You can daisy chain one to the other using ADAT Optical or the FW port on the MR but I think the latter had issues. At any rate, I dont think your going to get the higher sample rate with that setup

I will attempt Daisychaining them


You can daisy chain 2 MRs via the firewire and get full 96k (I run that set-up presently), BUT you lose direct monitoring with more than 1 turned on. Despite Steinberg’s promise to fix the direct monitor “problem” when the units were first released, they subsequently admitted they couldn’t and then claimed it was never promised in the first place. (Can you tell I’m still pissed off…) So when I need direct monitoring, I just shut off the second unit and reboot. Also, if you daisy chain them, you can control them both from within Cubase which you can’t do through ADAT. If you don’t need direct monitoring, I highly recommend using firewire daisy-chaining. BTW, I seem to recall that if you run 3 MRs, you can only run up to 48K through firewire regardless.

I think Shanabit is right.

Given the equipment you mention, I think the best setup would be to connect the two MR816’s to the UFX via ADAT.

You would then get full direct monitoring as well.

The UFX is not part of this system

The ufx is my interface the issue with the MR’s is a clients studio machine.

So that is NOT an option

Also I just tried the Daisy Chaining and there is NO DIFFERENCE TO THE SITUATION

So once again help please this is BS!!!



So I just grabbed a completely different PC (My old studio PC that used to run MR816’s)

Fresh built it.




Connected in Daisy Chain

THE MR816 units are PILES OF CRAP!!!

Time to report this all to Steinberg and give them a chance to solve this issue!


ok so someone with a windows 7 machine and 2 MR816’s do me a favour

open a project that is all VSTi’s (The machine only runs cubase so no additional plugs installed)

set the sample rate to 88.2khz

try and play it.

post results.

if you have success and it works please tell me your computer configuration ESPECIALLY the firewire card you are using.

I have now tried this on two completely different PC’s and its screwed on both


Page 43 in the Operations Manual. Make SURE you’ve followed that to a T

I have followed the manual to the letter.

I am going to see how it goes on my MacBook Pro.

Try and see if it’s operating system / driver related.

I would PM. NorburyBrook. He has the most experience with MRs IMO

Good morning Greg. I have done exactly that and on my system, it works fine.
Config in my signature, firewire is on my motherboard, but it is a TI based chipset which I believe is crucial to proper MR performance. My 2 MRs are daisy chained through firewire as is the usual set-up at page 43 of the manual.
Opened new project in 7.5. Set project at 88.2/32bit. Both MRs show 88.2 on the front panels. Opened Omnishpere. Play, record midi, print audio. Everything works fine.

just seen this.

if I get my end of year accounts done in time today i’ll have a look at this for you.

off the top of my head though; As had been said you cannot connect 2 interfaces by fire wire and have them working together.

Daisy chaining works but as already said no direct monitoring for the second unit.

One thing to note, when using the second unit as a slave IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW SAMPLE RATE CHANGES.

this means in practice you’ll need to have both units connected by firewire to manually change the slave MR unit’s samplerate via the MR editor, a real PIA .

I now use my UR as my main interfaces and the two MR units as slaves, I have to change the sample rates via the editor everytime I change them.

A simple hardware switch on the front would solve this, or better still some kind of auto sample rate firmware update.




Hate to say this guys but you are wrong,

I have since changed my firewire card to a Skymaster EFWB PCI-E 1394B Card. It runs a TI Chipset.

Now when running the two units via Firewire the Second unit DOES follow the sample rate changes of the first rack. I have NEVER had an issue with the slave unit not following the Master unit when connected via Firewire.

I have been running tests on the unit this evening and since changing to this firewire card (I tried 3 other cards as well very frustrating process) I have since not had any issue with the sample rate being set to 88.2.

I even sat the machine in a loop in cubase of a song set to 88.2khz and ran it for 3 hours and it didnt lose the audio connection.

With the PyroAV card (also a TI Chipset) I could not achieve any positive results at 88.2 with 2 MR units daisychained.

If you are having similar issues I would advise looking into your firewire card.


The problem is that MR wont sync sample rate via Adat…
if MR i slave to other MR or any other master interface via Adat,MR slave won’t follow sample rates changes and u have to connect it to firewire every time to change sample rate from editor !!!
not very convenient haa ? :confused:

Glad you got it sorted. I remembered early on that lots of people were having trouble with non-TI based firewire cards. FYI I have also never had a problem with my 2 daisy-chained MRs changing sample rate together. My only problem with MRs is the lack of direct monitoring with more than 1.