Problem with Hypnotic Dance


I’m having a problem with the Hypnotic Dance instrument set. I’ve installed and activated it, but when I try to load one of the presets into HalionSonicSE they will not load and we can not preview them. All of the presets are in the list for HalionSonicSE. If I click any other preset (not from the hypnotic dance set) it loads it and we can begin previewing it. When I switch from a regular preset to a Hypnotic Dance one, it continues to play the regular one I had loaded previously. None of them will load. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi there, just got this soundset and are experiences similar problems, although the folders after searche are displaying 100’s of modulator/sequuecer phrases as per the bumff on the publicity material, we can only load in a preset from the integral channel slot in HS=SE.

We can’t find the presets for the modulator/sequencer via the drop down menu on the GUI, the only way to get at them seems to be - load a sound from hypnotic dance, save it as a user preset and the call one up again to effect the sound ou’r working on even thats a bit hiss and miss though.

Tried all the fixes offered by support but they don’t work, it’s got to the point now where it’s being suggested that a full upgrade to halion sonic might cure the fault !

No way ! Unless this seeminbly common problem can be fixed, we certainly won’t be getting any more VST Sound Sets, thats for sure !

Please leave know, if, how and when you resolved your problems with it.