Problem with immediate effect triggering

Im trying to record a reverb on a kick drum using the render in place function but I’m having some issues. This is for both insert & send effects.

i have inserted roomworks SE onto a single kick drum and I’m trying to render it in place. at first i thought it was a problem with the render process as i was getting no reverb at all just the kick. then i noticed that the reverb did not always trigger immediately when playing, so i set up 3 kicks to see what was happening

as you can see from the linked image


Kick 1 - the reverb is completely ignored
Kick 2 - the reverb is now heard but the large pre delay i set to isolate the reverb is ignored
kick 3 - it now plays as it should with the correct pre-delay.

any idea why this is happening? not getting any CPU spikes or anything bad

this is cubase 11 pro

insert and render in place are very different things

yes i know that, im trying to create just a reverb sample i can use from the kick,

the inserted roomworksSE is temporary just to capture the reverb using the render in place. once i have my reverb sample, i will remove the effect and start to work with the reverb independently.

my query is why its taking 3 kicks for the effect to work properly in both playback and render.


works first time as expected when i replace roomworksSE with fabfilter Pro-R.


It’s been a while but i had the same issue. Using Cubase pro 11 I swapped out roomworks se for the more advanced roomworks version and it rendered perfectly with no trigger delay. Any news or updates on on this issue would be appreciated.

Hi, I just tried to recreate it but the Roomworks SE rendered down without any issues here on 11.03.
Used Render settings Mode=as one event, processing=channel settings

Perhaps a working test project to share might help?