Problem with importing audio CD files in project


I have a problem with importing audio from CD into a project. It is the same when I try to import audio files from my harddrive. I have read the operation manual carefully, and seen youtube videos about it, but it wont import into my project. I have Cubase essential 5.5.1. I know this is LE/AI forum, but it was not possible to add this topic there. Ok, when I open my project, go to file-import-audio CD, it opens a box with the tracklist from the CD, I check the tracks I want copy, I click the copy-button, and it copies successfully in the pool. It converts from 32 bit mp3 to 24 bit wav. files. The problem happens when I want to import this to the project. I click the Ok button for import and a new audio track appears in the project with the name on the track (CD track 1). The problem is that the actual wav. file does not import, there is no sound when I try to playback. I can playback after I have copied the files in the pool, but it wont import in the project. Someone else had this problems? Anybody know what I am doing wrong? Please help, this is frustrating…


You need to rip the files with a 3rd party app before import.

According to the operation manual it says nothing about ripping before import. I have also seen youtube clips where people just copy from mp3 to wav in Cubase pool and then import in the project, simple and easy. I think it is a bit odd that it does not work for me. So I have to rip from mp3 to wav outside Cubase before import?

For what it’s worth I use LE1.10 and import a lot of backing tracks straight from CD, but I don’t create an audio track first. I just open LE, select ‘new project’ then ‘import’ then ‘CD Audio’ then select the track, then click on ‘grab’ wait for the progress bar to finish, then click OK in the import window and it creates an audio track automatically which for a few seconds has the very odd phrase written in it …‘image being prepared’. Then the track appears and off I go. You’re getting different click butons it seems, but I should think the basic process should be the same.

Thank you, no problem anymore :wink: