Problem with install cubase le

I have a question about my CUBASE LE program, which I received when I bought a LEXICON sound card. I downloaded the program after registering on your site. The access code is: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
I had the program installed on my computer from WINDOWS. The computer broke down. I bought a McBook. When I wanted to install it again, it didn’t work. It can’t be downloaded either on the McBook or on Windows. Please advise me how to do it so that I it workedI registered via e-mail, which is written to me when I enter it. We have sent your activation code to your e-mail. This activation code will arrive very late. When I enter it, it is already old and I can’t do anything.Help please.

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Your activation code can only be used once. To switch computers, please go through the Reactivation process:

Your old version of Cubase is probably not going to work with your new MacBook. You might have received an email with a free upgrade to Cubase LE 12. Please take a look.

Once you reactivate your license, another option would be to purchase an upgrade to Cubase Elements 12.