Problem with installing HSO sounds with Dorico 3

I have installed Dorico 3 o.k. But I had troubles with downloading the Sound-installer. 6 failures. Now I have one looking o.k. It has got the ending ***.zip, I can open it, start Setup and installs (most of ??) the sounds. But not the HSO-sounds. They are inside the zip-file, but in Dorico 3 the HSO-sounds are “blinded” with red symbol. Now they also do not work in Dorico 2, and I can see in C/:folders that some violin and cello HSO-sounds are deleted.

Unfortunately I think you need to try downloading the sounds installer again. Can you try from this direct link?

Windows | Mac

Thank you very much. The file is downloading now but I have to wait untill tomorrow to install.

Do I have to uninstall the sounds ? And how do I do that ?

No, it should be sufficient just to run the installer again without first uninstalling it.