Problem with instrument name

Hello everyone,
Something strange is going on, and I haven’t really found an answer on this forum.
Here’s the problem: I have a very simple percussion part with a snare drum and a bass drum.
I want to display it in a two-line part. Everything is fine but the part name is Snare Drum 1 and Gran Cassa appears. This doesn’t happen when I switch to a 5-line staff.
I could understand this problem if I had 2 snare drums but I don’t. Even though it’s mentioned in the 22 October post, it doesn’t really help as soon as I have just one snare drum.

sorry , I should attach the pictures…

Hi everyone,
another problem with instrument name. I’ve spend a lot of time to find an issue to this problem:
I want to show the number of the instruments that way : 1,2,3 and not I, II, III.
As you can see, I have chosen in the instrument option the right option, and it’s ok with the horns (as shown in this ex.) and the rest of the parts except with the trumpets witch are numbered I & II.
It must be a specific problem with the trumpets because all the other instruments are correctly numbered but no way, I don’t find the issue to solve that…

There are separate options for the numbering style of single-type players vs section-type players. In Setup mode, look at the panel on the left and check the type of player holding your trumpets vs other instruments. The icon of one person = single player. The icon of two people = section player.

For your percussion numbering, it would be helpful to see the project file to check what other players you’ve got. For example, if you have another drum set that contains a snare drum, that will be counted towards instrument numbering.

Thank you for your reply Lillie.
For the first question, I do have a drum kit but it’s not used in this movement. That’s why it says drum 1 for the other block.
But since the drum kit isn’t part of the block, it shouldn’t be counted, so the 1 wouldn’t appear.
As for the second point, I thought I could change the numbering, but I’m going to do as you say, which will make things much simpler.

Instruments are numbered according to the instruments present in the project overall, not just which are playing in a given flow.

If you put the player holding the drum kit in its own player group, it won’t then be numbered alongside other instruments.

Ok. I’ll check that. Thank you Lillie.