Problem with instrument sets and several errors - Cubase 8

Hi, I installed the Cubase 8 yesterday using the package I got from Steinberg web/ftp site. I bought the version 7 way back but thought this is a good idea to immediately get to version 8 as it was available via my Steinberg.
First everything went well, I installed Cubase 8 pro and then Halion Sonic 2 and after, few instrument sets I have also bought.
Today, I just get errors which seem to be related to some license stuff but as I have my USB stick on (always) and it did work before, I am puzzled what should I do - buy another copy of every software I have already bought ??

I attach one error message I get now. I have made a ticket but as no answer so far, I thought I could try this forum if anyone else have had the same?

If trying to help, if needing more info of my setup or errors I get, let me know. All I know now that I cannot use Cubase 8 with any of my “addons”, being it Halion Sonic 2 or vst / instrument sets. They just do not work.

PS. I have run elicenser program a few times already, it shows no problems.



Replying to my own but wanted to add to this, that I actually can use the sounds from Halion Sonic 2, but only by choosing them from upper selection. So all the instrument sets are still not working and as you can see from the picture, it gives only the GM ones. Tried re-install of Halion Sonic2 this time from CD/DVDS, same thing.
Unfortunately no answer to my ticket from Steinberg so far after almost one week.