Problem with interface after update 9.5.41

I have not solved the problem with the interface for two months now, but today I installed WIndows and Cubase myself and noticed that when I open the project at 9.5, everything is fine, and after updating to 9.5.41 this problem reappears. I installed Cubase 5 times, and then updated and always the same thing repeats (I have several projects that I did at 9.5.41 and now I just cannot open version 9.5).
Please help solve the problem! Why update 9.5.41 leads to such a problem?

I am guessing that you have a system with Intel hd3000 graphics. I get the same problem, as do a a few others on this forum. I did create a ticket with Steinberg support and got a quick reply from Eric [Chabane] to say that cubase no longer supports this graphics interface. This is a shame. I know that there is a problem with Intel not supporting hd3000 on Windows 10 but the funny thing is that no other software I run exhibits this problem.
Not the best solution but there are two possible workarounds:

  1. Any boxes that are blank like those in the Inspector - if you hover your mouse on the bypass button on the right of the box some text will appear which tells you what the box is. Or.
  2. See if you can get hold of the graphics2d.dll file from someone - it is installed in the cubase folder in Program Files/Steinberg. - maintenance update version 9.5.21. Then replace the same graphics file in your 9.5.41 installation. Some people say this works - for me it brings with it some different graphics problems. You do this at your own risk of course and make sure that you back up[copy] or temporarily rename the graphics2d.dll file in your 9.5.41 installation.
    It’s frustrating either way. I don’t know if anyone at Steinberg can comment on method 2 and whether they would be willing to send you the graphics2d file. It is as much as I know. Hope it helps.

Hi Stefan! Tank You!
And you can simply not use the video card 3000, and the old one? Or maybe it will not be updated until 9.5.41?

Sorry but I am not quite sure what you are asking/saying.
My set up is a laptop with integrated graphics so I cannot change the graphics card. Next time I will buy a desktop computer!
It will be interesting to see if the final maintenance update to 9.5 changes anything graphically.
I would also be interested in whether Cubase 10 suffers from similar graphics problems. I have been watching that forum but so far no one has raised it.
All the best.