Problem with keyboard shortcuts of Lynx Two mixer - Solved

I use the keyboard shortcuts that I created with the
Volume Control Settings program. It works fine with all the programs: cubase 5.5, Wavelab 7 and all the media players-except with my new Cubase 6.
The problem is that in cubase 6 it works only when the lynx two mixer is the activated window. I mean only when I point the mouse on him. in all the other programs it works all the time, no matter which program is the active window. It is a big problem because the monitors are connected straight to the card and I have no physical buttons and sometimes I have to silence them very quickly, when they are opened extremely loud.

Any one have noticed that?

Somehow when I use 2 keys for creating a shortcut instead of one -it works as before (in Cubase 5 and all the others). For example: instand of marking “INSERT” for “mute”, I do now CTRL + INSERT ect…