Problem with Lanes

I am having a problem in Cubase 6.0 (64 bit) when moving audio parts from one lane to another lane within a track. For example, lets assume I have an audio track that has 3 lanes. Lane 1 has an audio part beginning at bar 1, Lane 2 has an audio part beginning at bar 2, and Lane 3 contains no audio parts. Next, I have decided to move the audio part on Lane 1 to Lane 2. As a result, I now have both audio parts side by side on Lane 2. Next, I save and close the project.
However, when I re-open the project the audio parts have reverted back to their original lanes and positions. Does anyone know why this is occuring? I have tested this on multiple audio tracks and lanes within my project and the same thing occurs.

I’m not getting that happening here (on Mac)
Are you absolutely certain that the first Audio Part’s end isn’t slightly overlapping the start of the 2nd Audio Part? (although, even in that case, it reloads exactly as saved, here :confused: )

for me It happens whether the parts are overlapping or not overlapping. I am running Windows 7 64bit