problem with le4 and zoom g2.1 nu

hi there
at first run everything was ok and zoom asio shown in vst list but after few week i start
le4 and recieved a message that i/o is not active
and now when i open vst list zoom g series asio doesnt show
i try to uninstal and instal again zoom asio driver but nothing have changed
what should i do ?
i still have the prob
i just uninstall the zoom asio driver and cubase le4 and reinstal them again but the prob remains
windos find the zoom and recognise it but when i start the cubase a message appear that says the in/out asio… not found and in device/vst conn… zoom vst doesnt show anymore but at first use everything was OK.
any body can help? plz
when i try to reinstal le4 i recived a message says: another something disturbing proccess restatr and reinsatl , then when i press ok instalation continued and le4 instal and works! but my prob doesnt solved.
my gear : laptop hp 4520s,win7 updated,node32 updated, zoom g2.1 nu, cubase le4, latest zoom asio driver from zoom site

Have you actually selected the Zoom ASIO driver in Cubase