Problem with licenses...

Since I’ve installed C6, my C5 disapeared from my eLicenser and I’m not able to take it back… C5 doesn’t still run…

Someone can help ?

Thanks !

That´s how the system works, updates update the license you update from. So if you have updated from C 5 to C6, the C6 license overwrites the C5 license, all former version can be run with the new C6 license.

I just uninstalled 5.5.3 update and now C5 runs… but doesn’t find all my plugins, even I updated plugins list and even all of these plugs are in the same folder…

C6 always crashes when launched and can’t be initialized…

For C5.

I’m guessing that 5.5.3 WAS running…it was just crashing out on initialisation?? In which case it’s probably exactly the same problem as you have with C6. If that’s not the case, try this.
Are you certain the paths to the plugin folders are correct. Double check them as you may have multiple folders.
Then check if any of the plugs are listed in blacklist.xml (link below) you can delete this file & try to let Cubase reinitialise all plugs.[product]=23

For C6
Rename your vstplugins folder, create a new empty one & gradually copy the plugs over in batches or sub folders, starting Cubase each time. Once it crashes try that batch one at a time until you know which plug is the problem.
If you already have a suspicion of which plugs might be a problem just try pulling them out of the folder first.

Once you find it check for updates or look for other reports of problems possible fixes etc.