Problem with loading Multi-Track Presets in C13


Loading multi-track presets seems to not work in C13. I can save new presets and all the old ones are visible then but when trying to load the folder is empty,
1 track presets work as should.
Just tried once again in C12. No problem at all.


I just noticed exactly the same thing.

The only workaround I’ve found was to use track import from another project for my multis, importing the channel settings only. Doesn’t work for the master output, but I did that as a single-track channel preset and that seems to work.

Would be great if the normal multi track presets start working as they did in C12.

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Noticed the same thing. Opened a support case, but no known workaround has been discovered yet.

Latest patch also didn’t help.

just bumped into this myself, how annoying is that.

I would like just to check if we suffer the same problem in C13: I have a mixer setup with one group and three FX channels. The particular values vary from project to project, so I save every setup as a a track preset. Out of the sudden, when I want to load a given preset for these channels the browser shows all folders, but no presets. No matter how I manipulate the parameters and arrows the list is empty, but if I choose “Using Track Preset” all of the presets are available with one unfortunate difference, instead of loading presents for these chosen channels Cubase loads the new set of channels.
So, Cubase specialists, how do we simply load our saved presets if they can’t be found in normal way?
Any help here will be appreciated

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I was really hoping that this would have been fixed with the new .30 update but no. Damn it.

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