Problem with loading project from Cubase 8 to Cubase 7.5

Hello guys from Steinberg,
I have the following problem… I needed to open Cubase 8 project in Cubase 7.5 and I’ve had a timing problem with some of the recorded tracks… Some of them started to play at different times… Is there any solution of this problem?
Thank you!

P.S: I opened Cubase 8 project in Cubase 5.1, and I don’t have this problem…

Hi Thurisaz.

I would advise not to use the fact that it opened in C5.1 as a guide, I’d think that some sort of miracle. AFAIK Cubase editions are not backwards compatible. Eg, I was never able to open v7 or v7.5 projects in 6, likewise I was never able to open v6 projects in v5.

Is it the case that a client (or someone you’re writing with) has sent the project over to you?

Hyperstate, hello! :slight_smile:
So, the project is mine… I’m Cubase 8 user, but I also keep my Cubase 5.1… I created my project on C8, and I needed to go to another studio, where C7.5 is installed… / I didn’t have problems to open C7.5 audio projects in C5.1, since I’m using third party software, and very rarely the integrated plugins of Cubase/. My experience shows me that Cubase is backwards compatible, but just if you don’t use the newly integrated features, which don’t appear in the previous versions…
In my case… I went to my friend’s studio, and I’ve had this timing problem with the recorded audio tracks… few of them started to sound at different time and everything became a mess…
I tried to open the same project on Cubase 5.1… I didn’t have this problem with the timing… Everything was alright…

Try opening it iv v5.1 and resave it. Then open this version in v7.5. Does the timing issue remain?

Ahhh I wonder if, it has changed the mode (you know where you can set if an audio track is musical or linear mode), it’s in the inspector at top right (the graphic is a musical note which changes to a clock and back again when clicked if you’re not sure where that is).

The only solution I can think of would be to use the batch export feature in C8 on all the tracks you’re having problems with, then import those into C5. At least then they’ll all be starting from the same position :slight_smile: