Problem with media bay on my mac

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Media bay in my N5 is showing results from an external hard disk that was disconnected. When I click those results nothing happens as the files are not there…At the moment I dont have any external drives connected to my machine. I tried re scaning. But still no joy. Please help. I think the problem is the database of the media bay. Which is why, media bay still sees old/ deleted files…can someone tell me how to solve this issue please…I really need to solve this asap…to start working.

You should see that missing disc in your “define locations”; there you can delete your database entries for those.

Also, when working with removable drives, it’s best to “mount” a database, so the data is available only when the disc is connected. See the manual for more details.


The missing disc is not seen on my define locations. I normally mount database entries. But this time i formatted this disc as i no longer need it. Please help me to get rid off these database entries…

Thank you

Can someone please help me with this please?? Or is there a technical support for nuendo who will help me with this??

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See this thread.