Problem with Mixdown accuracy when master bus has effects

There appears to be a bug with mix downs rendered between loop points which occurs if there are AUv3 plugin processors on the master bus that would normally introduce latency.

The resulting mixed-down ‘loop’ renders a space of silence at the start of the mixed-down audio and misses a portion of audio at the end which is equal to the length of the silence introduced at the start.

This is only the case when there are audio plugin chains on the master bus, not on any audio/instrument tracks. The result in these cases is that a rendered loop is unusable as a loop.

This also happens if any ‘insert effects’ add additional latency…
…the ‘root cause’ for this is the total lack of plug-in delay compensation (PDC) in Cubasis 3.

Hopefully it will get added at some point …

That’s actually not the case. Delay compensation IS taking place while rendering the output file (Not to be confused with real-time rendering). ONLY the processor inserts on the master bus ARE NOT being compensated for during the file output rendering.

I am not referring to real-time delay compensation -only the compensation that is required for rendering a final output to a file. All the tracks with insert processors align fine on the output file, but when you introduce a chain of processors into the final bus, this is where no delay is being taken into account and it is only this which is causing the audio data to become offset in a positive direction on the output file.

Ok, I’ve also experienced plug-in delay related latency issues if I for example use TB Barricade or Pro-L2 with look-ahead as ‘inserts’ on a track and then proceed ‘freeze’ the track in order to bake-in the effect. (This ‘look ahead’ is also clearly audible when comparing the timing of two tracks playing side by side, one with the effect and one without the effect).

The ‘frozen’(either real-time or off-line) track also gets an offset (empty space at the start of the rendered audio) that equals to the amount of delay the plug-in adds which can vary from plug-in to plug-in.

When using for example the Waves L1+ on the master track and doing a render ‘between locators’ it always adds a delay at the beginning of the rendered audio.

I do hope these ‘issues’ will be sorted out in due time.

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@LSlowak as many of us have asked, begged and reminded…

Plug-in Latency Compensation please!

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You are right and this makes Cubasis useless to me. I’m tired of freezing tracks and moving them on the timeline manually. Moreover, if you add a plug-in to a group track, then this track cannot be frozen, respectively, there is no way to compensate for the delay even manually. :face_with_head_bandage:

At the same time, Plug-in delay compensation has been discussed for a long time, but there is no result. Here, for example, is a topic from 4 years ago:

Right, I hear what you’re saying now.
Yes. I’ve experienced the same with freezing a track also.
So what I was experiencing on saving a rendered mix seemed to be ok with audio inserts but not the ones on the master bus.
Whatever is going on with this lack of delay compensation is a mess.

Hi all,

While PDC is on our list, I have no date when it will become available unfortunately.


@LSlowak we all understand you can’t commit to a release date for PDC.

We’re asking you to commit to it (for real) as a development priority. This feature is “table stakes” (required) in the DAW market.

It looks like you underestimate Lars! :grin: He is a project manager and he can plan product development and even set deadlines. But for some reason, he has been giving the same answer for several years. It would be interesting to know the reason. :thinking: