Problem with monitoring/playback in 10.5

Hi! If I record a live performance voc and guitar on two tracks (voc on tr one and guitar on tr 2. The waveforms registers allright but track makes no sound when played up (with exeption of reverb send to the FX reverb track. No matter what I do. What can be wrong. Anybody recognise the problem? (However I found that I could MOVE the recorded vocal signal (tr 1) to another audio track (tr3) and playback it THEN sound comes through.

Something strange is happening, but what is it, mister Jones…?

A thought…
Check out how the track “Monitor” function is set. Monitor on… you can hear during the recording. Monitor off… you can hear during playback.

Regards :sunglasses:

What is it you do?

Is the output Routing of the track correct?

I´ve checked these thing you suggest. No change. It is as the playback of the recorded track is involuntary turned of somewhere but I cant find where.
I also have protools installed and its no problem there.


We really need more details if we are to help. A screen-grab showing the signal path/routing might help…where are these two tracks routed to?
Are the track meters showing playback?
Which version of Cubase Elements, Artist, Pro?