Problem with mpc software as plugin in Cubase Artist 12

i use the mpc 2 software as a plugin in Cubase 12 Artist.
Bought the mpc feature stem separation, but it is
“unable to initalize”
When i try the same in Ableton it works…???
But i dont like Ableton :wink:

I contacted Akai and they said, that the mpc software should not be started in rosetta, which wasnt even activated in the info of the Program.

Does Cubase handle plugins differently than Ableton?

Does anybody know why this happens and has a workaround?

Thank you in advance


P.S. Will there be a Cubase 13 discount anytime soon?

Hi Michael,
is mpc2 a VST2 plugin? As far as I can tell, Cubase 12/13 supports only VST3 plugins in native mode on Mac. VST2 plugins always require Rosetta.
Maybe a plugin wrapper like Metaplugin or Patchwork could help to circumvent this but since I’m a Windows user, I don’t really know.

There already was a Cubase 13 sale in April. The next one hasn’t been announced yet.


Its a VST2.

The way Akai is going with the MPC, we’ll be lucky if they update it to VST3 in the next year or two. Some of us (who are also beta testers) have been bringing this up for like 2+ years now (I’ve had my Live since 2019 and stopped using it altogether when C13 came out). Akai cant even fix simple MIDI issues with their OS, so all they seem to do now is roll out new plugins for you to buy…

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Ok, thanks.
VST2 should really be the answer, why is it working in all other aspects just not the stem extracion update/extension/plugin whatever you wanna call it?
Does Ableton dont care about vst2 or vst3?
Does Cubase handle plugins in general differently?

Yes, but only on Mac. As Steinberg deprecated VST2 few years ago, they didn’t implement the corresponding interface for the Silicon processors but kept the old Intel-based one that requires Rosetta on Silicon machines. On Windows, VST2 still works without similar restrictions.

Thank you, i didnt know that!