Problem With New SSD Setup

Hey there,

Cubase 7 x64 user here on a Windows 7 x64 OS. I’ve built a new PC workstation that has a 128GB SSD where the OS and Cubase are housed and an additional 4TB internal drive where I plan to install all my third-party plug-ins. The problem, however, is that despite that I install these plugins and point them to the second internal HD they still install their core files on drive C: where there are only 128GB on the drive! Obviously, I would like to use drive C: only for necessary Windows processes and so forth. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

I would recommend installing the VSTs themselves to your operating system drive. They generally take up very little space. I’m using an 80GB OS drive with Cubase 7, WaveLab Elements 8, numerous 3rd party VST effects and instruments … and I still have over 15GB free.

The key is to install the large sample libraries of VST instruments to your secondary drive if the installer gives you that option. That is the real space concern. Also, many people (myself included) use a third drive for the Cubase projects / audio recording.

For a safe SSD instal you must have 30% of free Space in your SSD.