Problem with Noise Gate


When I open my project in Cubase Elements 9.5.21 State LED of noise gate in channel strip is GREEN (gate is OPEN by default). Why is it so? :astonished: I assume that is why noise gate doesn’t silence my first audio event (please, see the attachment). At the same time it’s OK with second, third and fourth audio events (gate works properly).

Moreover, when I stop and then start playback again it’s OK with all four audio fragments. But when I try to export my mix noise gate doesn’t silence first audio event again… :frowning:

Why is this happening?
Thank you!

The light seems to rest on whatever it read when audio last past through the gate instead of returning to red looking at it on my system.

It is very strange. It must return to red because signal level below the set threshold closes the gate. This is the main principle of operation of any gate. And when nothing to read (playback has not been started at all) or audio signal is below a set threshold — why the gate is in OPEN mode (initially)? It is very strange and wrong. No one hardware gate works this way.