Problem with NOTEPAD is it my mouse or Cubase?

Hello there, I am having a problem in NOTEPAD in Cubase. I’d like to know if it’s a personnal problem with my mouse or configuration in Windows, or if this problem is common to all Cubase user. Here is the problem When I write on NOTEPAD, often I write a paragraph on each track things to remember to adjust the sound the eq or fx I use , idea of lyrics etc. But after its written when I need to adjust and write something in the middle of the paragraph I CANT DO THAT ! Notepad allows me to write AT THE END ONLY and continue (or erase from the end) I cannot punch and write directly in the middle of a paragraph

Or is it my mouse or something else Thanks for your help

That’s normal behavior since Cubase 7. Some would call it broken.
You can use the arrow keys to navigate the cursor around.

THANK YOU PEAKAE!!! It works with the arrow !

You know whatever the solution is thats fine with me I just wanna edit those notes regularly, thats important for me

I’ll use the arrow Thanks a lot

ME (Modest-Expert) :sunglasses:

Notepad disables my mouse cursor. Ironically, the ‘escape’ button removes me from that nightmare.

Just makes Cubase feel sloppy and bloated…

Constantly changing workflows with more steps involved every update.

I’m beginning to look elsewhere…