Problem with Nuendo 11 Trial Activation

Today I have tried to download Nuendo 11 Trial. I have received an activation code, tried pasting it into eLicenser Control Center, and it works. However, I cannot activate the license on my hard drive (Soft eLicenser). I made sure that the Soft eLicenser is activated at Steinberg site ( I can see it in the list of eLicensers). So, do I have to buy the physical dongle even if I only want to use Trial version?
I have tried restarting computer, running eLicenser Control Center as administrator, using Maintenance option in the Control Center. My system is Win11 10.0.22000)

Thank you very much for answers!

You need the USB key to trial Nuendo 11

Seems I am blind, then. Thank You very much!

:rofl: No… maybe just a little bit?