Problem with number of Tremolo slashes in tie chain


I do not like the default behavior of Dorico when it comes to Tremolo slashes with a tie chain and am hoping there is a way to fix it. When the first note of a tie chain is an eighth note and I click the three slashes, then Dorico gives me three slashes on the eighth note and four slashes on the quarter note. So, fine, I click the option for the two slashes, and I get two on the eighth note (plus the flag would be three) and three slashes on the quarter notes. That is OK.

However, now if I shift the tie chain rhythmically so that it now starts on a beat instead of on a pickup eighth, the number of tremolo slashes displayed changes from three to two. If I shift the tie chain rhythmically again by another eighth so that there is a new pickup, then the tremolo slashes go back from 2 to 3. This to me is very confusing and I would rather not have to worry about the number of tremolo slashes changing on me by itself while I am moving things around.

Ideally what I would want to see is the number of tremolo slashes to be independent of the first note, but instead just based on a quarter note, so that if the pickup is an eighth and I click the three slashes, it would add two instead of three onto the pickup. Then the quarter note would get three, and even after I shifted the notes rhythmically, the tremolo would not change by itself. Is there a way of doing that?


Hi, mducharme.

Have a look at this thread that I opened about a month ago:

Greets, E.

Thanks - I did search for “tremolo” first but ran into dozens of pages of results and did not find yours on the first several pages.