Problem with OmniSphere VST in Cubase 7.5

All the VST’s seem to be working pretty good in Cubase, except for one. OmniSphere.

I’m not sure why or what I can do. It works fine with Logic or as a Stand Alone.
But when I use it via Cubase, it has serious latency issues, and often the UI of OmniSphere also lags between user clicks or changes. It’s to the point where it’s really not usable in real time within Cubase.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with any Spectrasonic products with Cubase, or if there was a simple fix?

All other VST’s seem to be good. All were clean installs for the purpose of Cubase. (Logic is on a different machine)


No issues here with Omnisphere in Cubase 7.5.3 at all. Perhaps contact Spectrasonics Tech support? They are very helpful.

Yep. Thanks. Will pursue this issue with them for a solution.

I don’t have 7.5 but I have experienced some similar problems on 7. It is btw true that Logic handles Omnisphere better. (Cubase 7 compared to Logic 9). This is what I have done to get rid of (or minimize) the problem:.

Update Omnisphere to the latest version. Depending on how the vst plugin is installed on your computer you may need to remove the old one first. If it is located in a Spectrasonics or Omnisphere folder within your vst folder the update may not find the vst file to update and you still have the old one when assigning Omnisphere. Check the version number in the interface picture when opening in Cubase.

Omnisphere is pretty heavy on the cpu as it is a mix of an oscillator synth and a sampler. The more samples it uses the harder on the cpu. Increase the device buffer.

Be sure you use cubase in 64 bit. Monitor how much of your internal memory that is being used. Add memory if necessary (I have 22 GB). Use an OS that lets you use all of your internal memory. (Minimum win7 and Maverics on mac)

If this does not help:

Freeze Omnisphere (snow icon in the F11 list).
Convert MIDI to audio signals.

No issues here. I’d agree with verifying you are running in 64bit mode. By default Cubase runs in 32 on a Mac.

Thanks all.

+1 Zero problem

I have never had any problem with Spectrasonics softwares ever and I have used them for years in different DAWs.
Extremely stable softwares.

Best Regards

(Er… it doesn’t have a standalone mode…)

Another happy camper with 64 bit windows 7.5.2, no issues to report except very occasionally the plugin seems to corrupt itself, going to full deflection horrible digital noise when auditioning patches. It’s nasty but very infrequent so not really had enough cause to track it down.

Tech support from them has been fantastic in my experience.


Aloha guys just to chime in.

All is well here with Omni and C7.5

Good Luck!

Thanks guys. I haven’t had any time to troubleshoot my issue with Omni and 7.5 yet, but will update when I’m not traveling. You’re right noiseboyuk, Omni doesn’t have a stand alone. Force of habit as most of my other VSTs do. Point was that all my other VSTs seemed to be working great.

This is a helpful forum. Thanks!


My issue with OmniSphere has seemed to resolve itself and is working fine now. Not sure why, or how but it is.

Probably just needed a few restarts or something. However I have another issue which I’ll put in a different thread.