Problem with optimizing a beat

Hi, I have a little problem regarding the optimization of this joke.
If you notice the manuscript it says “In memoria aeterna” (figure 1).
Well, I have reproduced this sentence as indicated in the manual, but Dorico in the “Typography” view does not respect the margins of the bar (Figure 2).
How can I solve?
Thank you


Salve, ho un piccolo problema riguardante l’ottimizzazione di questa battuta.
Se notate il manoscritto riporta la dicitura “In memoria aeterna” (figura 1).
Bene questa frase l’ho riportata come indicato dal manuale, però Dorico nella visualizzazione “Tipografia”, non rispetta i margini della battuta (Figura 2).
Come posso risolvere?

This question has also been asked in the Facebook group, here.

Is your second picture in galley view or page view? Have you tried using note spacing to increase the width of bar 31, either using a note spacing change that you reset in bar 32, or manually increasing note spacing?

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Yes, but I’m not sure here there are the same people on Facebook.

I expected not to have to manually optimize the joke, really but what Dorico widened the joke directly.

Mi aspettavo di non dover ottimizzare manualmente la battuta, veramente ma che Dorico allargasse la battuta direttamente.

In general, Dorico won’t widen bars to accommodate long text items, because there are many situations where that would be unwanted. I can’t remember off the top of my head whether it will for long lyrics (it’s not clear from your screenshot what type of item that is).

Your posts in both places contained the exact same text. Please include links both ways and a clarification that you have posted in both places in future, as a courtesy to the people who volunteer their time to help users like yourself. It will also benefit you, as you will have fewer duplicate responses because people (including people who habitually visit both places and also those who only use one or the other) can easily see what has already been suggested to you.

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Use Note Spacing changes: one to lengthen the bar; one to reset the spacing in the next.

Si puo usare il “Cambio di spaziatura”: uno per allungare la battuta*; e uno per eseguire il ‘reset’ nella prossima.

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