Problem with OSX Lion's "new" scrolling system

Hi, I want to report a problem (which is system wide, as it affectes Cubase Studio 4, too… I’m posting here because I don’t know what’s the most appropiate section for this) regarding the new way of scrolling introduced in Lion, which makes the scroller work in an “inverted way”.
If you turn this option on (which is the default setting), when you scroll on a control (for example the fader in the master section), it goes in the opposite direction of the scroll (so, if I move my finger up, the fader goes down). If you use the old behaviour, everything works fine.

Is it possible to address this? By the way at the moment I’m keeping the old behaviour (I don’t know if I’ll switch to the new one, but I adapted so fast using the finder that way…). Thank you.

You can change the way the Trackpad works in System Prefs on your mac… i dont have my macbook here now to find the setting, but its in the trackpad prefs