Problem with overlapping staff, with instrument change

I’m using Dorico v4.3… and I come into an issue with percussion instrument that has to play vibraphone and a set of percussions. with a grid staff. When there is a close change between the kit and the vibraphone, the staves are overlapping each other which is difficult to read. I tried to move the lines with the engraving options, but I didn’t find anything, without moving all the other things around. Any solution for this ?

I think you’ll need to upload some sort of a project for investigation.

Here, I did a snippet of the project with another bar, with the same problem…
L’Exode_snippet.dorico (1.4 MB)

I don’t know if this gives the exact appearance you want, but try this:

In Setup mode, click on the > for Percussion & Vibraphone to open that card and then click on the three dots at the end of Percussion and choose Edit Percussion Kit… .
Click on Grid, then each instrument in turn and set the gap for each instrument to be the same. Don’t forget to click Apply. With a gap of 1 or 2 the overlap blends with the 5-line staff on each side. With a larger gap , the overlap is still there and the top and bottom lines are outside the surrounding 5-line staff segments. I don’t know what is causing the overlap. The Dorico team might want to have a look to see what they can find.

Thanks Steven for the advice. In fact, I also tried that but the same problem comes as soon as we don’t use a 5 lines staves… An easy way would be to add a little more flexibility in Dorico, by giving the possibility to adjust the staves position independently for each instruments played by the same musician. For the moment, it just seams impossible. The other problem is that there is also no option to force Dorico to keep in 2 staves if there is no notes played at the same time (Dorico chooses automatically whether or not to display in the same row depending on what is written)

One can put the instruments into two different Players but create a layout containing both Players as one. Through judicious use of hiding empty staves and management of system breaks, one can create a part for a single person that is intelligible.

I see what you mean, and it seems to offer more flexibility about hiding empty staves independently. It’s counterintuitive but clever ! :face_with_monocle:

But here is one tip (because it’s very very counterintuitive) : if you want shared beams across different staves, you need to keep all for a single player, so do it first. And after, if you want more flexibility about which staff to hide or not in other parts of the score, you create another player in the configuration drop your instrument name there. The music will not be deleted that way. (but you cannot do the other way around…)

Dorico’s not doing the right thing in this case: it should be able to change instruments between the vibraphone and the kit correctly in that situation. I’ve passed this on to my colleague Andrew, who happens to be thinking about this aspect of the program at the moment.

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I came across some bug about percussion kit as grid staff.
It seems that it affects the caret, as I didn’t get this problem on other staves. When I want to input new notes in tuplets, the caret division doesn’t match to the tuplet change and it is not possible to input any note there…
Capture d’écran 2023-10-15 à 19.39.07
Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 01.27.44

The caret will show the appropriate grid divisions for the voice of the current instrument; I guess your kit defines separate voices for these instruments? You might find it more convenient to temporarily work with the individual instruments presentation type chosen in Layout Options, then later on return to using the grid presentation type.