Problem with overwrite MIDI recording mode

Hi All

I am a newbie here and looking forward to contributing to the forums.

I have a question about the overwrite MIDI Cycle Record Mode. When I use it, Cubase deletes all the subsequent notes in the previous take from the point when I start playing a new take, as expected.

But the thing that frustrates me is that it sometimes deletes the note or notes that are before the new entry point as well.
It happens sometimes and not other times in a way that I can’t predict.

Say there is a long note in the previous take and on the new take I start playing half-way through that old note - sometimes it deletes the original note as well (which I don’t want) and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a whole cluster of earlier notes are deleted. I just can’t figure out what the logic is.

Has anyone encountered this?

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I’m using Cubase Pro 9.030 Build 266 on Windows 10.

I hit a similar issue when not recording in cyclic mode.

If I set punch in/out points for the middle bar of a three bar part, set MIDI Record Mode to ‘Replace’ and hit play, recording starts at bar 2 and my new notes replace bar 2 only as expected.

The issue occurs if I turn off Snap, so I can move the punch in/out markers within the bars - let’s say punch in is now towards the end of bar 1 and punch out is towards the beginning of bar 3.

This time when I press play with MIDI Record Mode of ‘Replace’, Cubase replaces the notes between the punch points, but all the earlier notes in bar one are also deleted.

Yet, in the other MIDI Record Modes of ‘Merge’ and ‘New Parts’, the behaviour is as expected with just the notes between the punch in/out markers affected.

This is frustrating because it is the Replace mode that would be most useful in this scenario.

Have others encountered this? Any help gratefully received.