Problem with PDF printing

When printing parts to a PDF, the individual instruments are not named, but all are only the name of the project. So I have to name each instrument in particular. It’s very time consuming. There is no problem with Sibelius.

I’ve just tried on Dorico 2.1.10 and Dorico 1.2.39 on Windows 10. I find that the filenames are as follows:
[Project name] [layout name], with [date] if you’ve asked for it.

Are you seeing something different to that?

I do not think so. When exporting to PDF, the names of all parts are the same: only Project name, which is the same for all instruments. Missing there for example: (Project name) -1.trp, (Project name)-2.trp, (Project name)-1.clar, etc.

Is it possible that you have deleted ALL layout names (right panel in setup mode lists the layouts with their names) ?

I’ve just had a thought. Hanojek, are you on mac? If so, are you using the OSX Print Dialog in the bottom left corner of Print mode to make PDFs? If so, don’t! Use the Export option in the top right corner.

Sorry, I have Windows 10.

To MarcLarcher:
I did not delete any layout name name.

Well in that case, what version of Dorico are you running? Something weird is going on - you’re asking for Dorico to do something that it already does (or should do, in your case).

To pianoleo>
I have Dorico 2.1.10.

I don’t understand, in that case. I reliably get the layout name as part of the filename of exported PDFs. Hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area will pitch in soon.

Perhaps you could attach your project here, hanojek?

Hallo, Daniel,
I wanted to send you my project, but I do not know how to attach it on my message.

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There is the possibility to confuse Dorico if you already have a PDF printer (Like Acrobat) installed. I was confused for a while myself. I installed Dorico in my system which did have acrobat installed. This gave me the option to create a PDF by (i) Selecting Adobe PDF as the printer and print to that or (ii) Click on ‘Export’ and use the PDF option there instead.

For me, if I selected the PDF Printer, I also get your problem of the file being named ‘incorrectly’, however if I select ‘Graphics’ and create my PDF’s from this they are named correctly. (if I remember correctly - it may the other way around). I’m not sure if it applies to you but if you do have an alternate PDF creator, that might be the problem. Hope this helps.

hanojek, you can send me your project by email. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread in your email so I can work out what I’m supposed to do with your project.

To TopDots:
That’s a great idea! I tried Graphic - PDF - Export, everything works perfectly!!!
Many,many thanks!

nimmy12, there is a workaround:

if you use Google Drive, you could upload the file to your drive - and then open & print it from there - as described here:
How to Print a Password Protected PDF File with Google Drive

A video of the procedure:
Video description