Problem with Playing techniques/Expressionmaps

Hello Doricans,

I have a problem. I would like to use Modobass together with Dorico. Of course I also want to use the playing techniques such as slap, pop, pick and finger that are available in Modobass.
For that I made an expression map and adjusted the playing techniques and playback techniques.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work. If I choose Slap (S) I still hear fingerstyle.
Also in the playing Techniques line I only see Finger (style)

In Expressionmaps I have set the following

For completeness, the project file is also included
Top 10 slap riffs for beginners.dorico (486.3 KB)

Can someone help me with this?
Regards, Marien

It works for me in your project if you recreate it as an Add On. It is an attribute rather than a direction.

I would also add a Legato technique, as you can see when you hover over certain entries in the Playing Techniques lane that Dorico is picking up legato but defaulting to Finger because I assume you renamed the Natural Technique Finger? Personally I would have left the name as natural to remind me of some of Natural’s behavior.

Hope that helps

In your Expression Map, the switch named “Bass - slap” is actually set to the Playback Technique “Slap”. Select the switch and use the pencil button below to change to the desired technique. Other switches probably need adjusting too.

Wow, that one is hidden!
It works, thank you
Groet, Marien

It sure helps, thanks
I changed it to Add-on
Groet, Marien

I have an additional question.
In the same way as with Bass - slap (S) and Bass - pop (P), I can also sound a ghost note.
Is it possible to make all X noteheads always sound like a ghost note?
Regards, Marien