Problem with preset browser Cubase Elements 12

I have problems with my preset browser from my VST plugins.
It don’t find any instruments. When i load the preset it will not find anything.
It concerns all of my third party VST plugins. The standard plugin Groove Agent does have a preset with instruments. Somebody know how to fix this?

Could you give us more details concerning the involved plug-ins, especially the VST SDK used (VST 2.4 / VST 3), and how you try to load a predet (inspector Program list, using the plug-in window, MediaBay…) ?

Beside this, third party plug-ins often have their own proprietary presets management, so maybe you’ll have to convert some plug-ins presets list to VST presets to make them directly available. An example with a VST 2.4 VSTi :


Check also that every presets locations have actually been scanned in MediaBay.

Thank you for your answer.
These are two VST’s of many who have the problem.
-VST version 3.7.5 Serum Installation location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Serum.vst3\Contents\x86_64-win
-VST version 3.7.3 OB-E Installation location C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
I add an screenshot of my MediaBay the VST folder is inside here but without content?

Finding the convert Program list function but these plugins dont have that.

Trying to make an new installation of the VST Serum plugin.
With no succes and no content see the screenshot:

I really appreciate your help.

Yep… It’s more or less the same thing I’m experiencing with the few third party VST3.x plug-ins that I own : they all have a proprietary presets management, from which, none of the presets are appearing natively as regular VST presets in MediaBay. I’ll take an example with LoungeLizard v 4.0 (VST 3.6.7) : even after a MediaBay scan, none of the bundled presets appear in mediaBay and available in the Program list of the inspector.

OTOH, and even if the Convert program list to VST presets command isn’t available (it’s actually only available when a VST 2.4 plug-in is involved, I think), we are still allowed to select each proprietary preset and do a VST preset from it with the Save preset… command in the plug-in window. Doing this, we can recall the VST presets created which “encapsulate” the proprietary program chosen at the moment it has been created, and this time, they appear both in MediaBay and in the inspector Program list.

It’s a mess, I admit, and have complained about it since Cubase 4 days. AFAIK, there’s nothing more effcient, though. :neutral_face:

Thank you again for your logical explanation. I followed the steps. I now see the test folder in the mediaBay and the location tree. I put the FXP files in and ran a new scan but still no preset. Also reinstalled the plugins to no avail. :neutral_face:

FXP/FXB files aren’t usable with MediaBay. This is why there is a Convert program list to VST presets command.

Again, if you want MediaBay and the inspector Program list to list your plug-ins presets, they’ll have to be converted as .vstpreset ones…

Thanks a lot

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