Problem with record midi in Cubase 7

Hi! I have a problem. When I play my midikeyboard throw Cubase for rack synth (thru midi patchbay) sometimes it has delay of sound. It problem occur when I press keys while playing or records other tracks and never If I play along. My connect: keyboard - midipatchbay -comp (Thru active) - midipatchbay - rack synth - sound card. This never was in Win XP with Cub 5. But I bought Win7 and Cub7 specially that I can use 64 bit version? but this problem crashed my hopes. And more. In Device Setup in Cub 7 I cant change visible ports, and cant change used ports, for in and for out. When I restart Cubase it comes back. I must retune my system. Very badly. In Cubase 5 No problems! Setting in Cubase7 equivalent Cubase 5. My system: Win 7 (32 or 64) - Core2Duo E8500 - Asus P5q - 8 Gb Rom - M-Audio Delta 1010. Anybody can help me?

What latency are you running?

Hi! I changed latency, no results.