Problem with recording audio

Is it a bug? When I try to record audio material in a track and set the track to loop, the recording stops before the loop ends and jumps back to the beginning. It only happens when recording audio, doesn’t happen with internal or AU instruments. Tried on Air1 and Mini4 with same results :frowning: Never had that problem before the update on 2.0…

Hi DrChris,

sorry for the inconvenience… what exact setup are you using to record? Also what iOS Version?


Hello Ricardo,

thanks for answering. The problem occurs whenever I record audio material using the internal microphone of my IPad Mini 4 or my Air 1. It also happens if I use an external mic or if I use Audiobus. I’m on the latest iOS 10.0.2. Deleting and reinstalling Cubasis didn’t help, rebooting my devices didn’t help either.

Looking forward to hearing from you, because I really like using the loop function of cubasis. By the way, I really dig the free update despite of this problem.