problem with recording/playing tracks

Hi I’m new to the forum been using Cubase on and off for a while now but I’m getting a problem with recording a track using Cubase elements 6, I’ve noticed that when I record a track I keep getting the odd what I can only describe as a shadow on the track which hasn’t caused a problem until now,but as I was trying to record an organ using kontakt and the sound doesn’t sound like what it should and I’ve noticed that its when I have a slight shadow on the track where the problem occurs the sound distorts can anyone let me know what the problem is thanks.

What do you mean by “shadow”? Do you mean it as a visual thing, or an audible thing?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re talking about?

its visual on the track but the sound gets distorted at the same time


I’d like to see that!

As was posted by SLD:

Can you post a screenshot


here goes you can see it on the bottom track the two pink peaks running up through it
Screenshot (1).png

Those are controller automation. Maybe aftertouch or the modulation wheel? Open the editor and look at the bottom at the controller lanes. Any controller lanes with data will have an asterisk after the name.

Ah! Yes, as jaslan said, the “shadow” you refer to is continuous controller data, likely aftertouch or mod wheel.

It’s POSSIBLE that the organ patch you are using in Kontakt has a distortion effect tied to aftertouch or the modulation wheel. IF that is what’s happening, you can easily delete any controller data you’ve recorded on a MIDI clip by highlighting the clip, and then going under the MIDI menu --> Functions --> Delete continuous controller data. If the distortion is tied to this controller data, removing the controller data should remove the distortion.

For future recording, you can also filter out this controller data from being recorded in the first place by going to preferences --> Midi --> filters (I think), and then exclude CC data from being recorded.

Finally if the patch is doing what I think it is you might be able to modify the patch itself in Kontakt so that it does not respond to controller data at all.

thanks jaslan and SLD music just tried it on one of the tracks and they have deleted.
cheers david

I remember seeing the controller data superimposed on the MIDI track in old projects, I think I got it to stop via a preference setting.

Some questions I couldn’t figure out back then, maybe someone can fill in this old knowledge gap:

  1. Is the “shadow” data on the track editable in the automation lanes (the ones that can be opened up below the track)?

  2. If so, does the visual “shadow” change to reflect the automation lane changes?

  3. Is there a way after the fact to visually remove the “shadow” data from the track, but still have the automation it reflects be active?

I BELIEVE that the “shadow” is only from the controller lanes in the MIDI editor. It is a totally independent set of data points from the automation. Both can co-exist (even for the same controller). I think you are confusing the two.


Jaslan is correct, they are independent of each other. However, controller data that is recorded with the MIDI track can be transferred to regular automation lanes. You do this by selecting the MIDI event you want to effect, and then going to the MIDI Menu --> Functions --> Extract MIDI Automation.

What this will do is take continuous controller data (mod wheel, breath controller, etc.) and transfer it to the automation lanes assocated with the MIDI / Instrument track. Since it’s MOVING this data to an automation lane, it will then DELETE the controller data from the MIDI clip itself (and therefore remove the “shadow”, in answer to your question #3), so that you aren’t doubling up on the controller data and sending the instrument double-instructions. So in answer to your second question, no the “shadow” will not update based on what changes you make to the automation lanes with this CC data, because the “shadow” only reflects the controller data that is recorded into the MIDI clip. You can have the same controller data being manipulated both places, but, be careful when you do that, because you might end up with unpredictable results.

One other major gotcha, though: Aftertouch and pitchbend are technically NOT MIDI continuous controller data, and they don’t have CC #s. So they can NOT be automated or manipulated on an automation lane. They can only be recorded and manipulated in the MIDI clip itself. Cubase will therefore not be able to extract aftertouch/pitchbend data to an automation lane. However, it can still delete aftertouch/pitchbend data from the MIDI clip by using the “Delete Continuous Contoller” command in the MIDI menu, even though technically, aftertouch/pitchbend are not continuous controllers.

More than you wanted to know, but I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

SLD Music and Jaslan, not at all more than I wanted to know - thank you!

SLD, one minor follow up question if I could - above you say the aftertouch can be manipulated in the MIDI clip - I never figured out how to edit the aftertouch recorded from the synth - how do you access it to edit?

Thanks again!

In the midi editor, you usually have one ‘lane’ at the bottom that shows the velocities of your notes. You can add more of these lanes to show more than one property at the same time, or change what is being shown in a lane from the little arrow on the top left of that lane. Usefully, in that dropdown menu, every option that has actual data has a * next to it :slight_smile:. Aftertouch should be available in that list, as well as every CC you can think of.

Thanks, Stroph! So it sounds like if I want to edit Aftertouch, I should first delete it from the MIDI clip as per SLD Music’s post, then edit it down below as per yours.

Appreciate everyone’s help!

You don’t need to delete it from the midi clip, you can edit the recorded aftertouch right in that midi clip if you want.

It’s been a while since I tried, but I remember I couldn’t quite figure it out.

Looking now in the manual, it refers to page 390 for editing Aftertouch, but it looks like that is in a controller lane, not on the MIDI clip.

Do you know how to actually edit the Aftertouch in the MIDI clip itself?

Thanks -

Sorry for the confusion, I’m indeed talking about editing Aftertouch in a controller lane. To me a controller lane is in the midi clip :wink:

OK, cool, and thanks for your help, Stroph!

It’s all been said. Let us know if you (alexis), or you (daveyhop) have any more questions… :slight_smile: