Problem with RECORDING.


I have problem with Cubase 5. I have no clue how to solve problems in this program so I hope you’ll help me.
I want just to record my voice, nothing else, no big deals. Cubase sees my microphone, as well as my Focursrite (interface). While recording there isn’t red box and on all of tutorials there is a red box while recording, so I think something is wrong. Secondly, even though box on the right is red there is stil no voice on the “recording line” , and while playing it too.

So… There is a picture.
cubase 5 no clue.jpg

Look at “Stereo In”… You have to select right input for your mics. And then… why are you trying to record a mono signal (vocal) into a stereo track? :slight_smile:

PS: Have you read the manual?

Thank’s for the reply!

Hmmm… I haven’t read the manual… And I don’t know where “Stereo In” is…
You may laugh or not but I haven’t got the slightest idea how to use this program.
Haha… I am singing my whole life and in age of 20 I decided to try to be independent and record on my own :smiley: I bought the mic and interface and now I’m trying to record… Yea, I know it’s silly, but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SOLVE THIS, where to “push the button” and I’m not even blonde…

So… where “Stereo In” is… ?? :smiley:

Look at your pic, left side. Click in and choose the right mono input. If you don’t find that input from the list, you have to create it: press F4 in you keyboard and use that window. And really, really, take a look, again, to manual! :smiley:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I record somehow, but sometimes it’s recording, sometimes not.
I have another problem… (btw. I’m sorry I’m waisting your time) but… I don’t know how to volume up my voice while recording. I think instrumental is too loud… How can I change that?


you have many ways to do that …

it depends on how it loud! and are you recording the Instrumental on the same take ? and the same Studio! ?
or it’s MIDI

any way “Gain” in the SoundCard should help
also you can select all the Music Tracks
and down their level using Volume like in the picture … (Mause Scrolling, or by typing your specific numbers)

watch out changing levels, if you are doing records after Mastering …