Problem with registering a late version of cubase

I updated my 7.5 Cubase to 8 then to 9. I used two versions of cubes. I updated the mac os system and can not install the 8 version, for me it is more convenient. When activated, says that the key is no longer valid because of the update 9. Please tell me how to cope with the problem. :cry:

Follow the instructions for “reactivation”

Regards :sunglasses:

Dear friend, I go to my steinberg and I do not have old versions there that I could choose to reactivate … there is only version 9 … this is the whole problem, I do not understand where the two old versions are gone …I click on the reactivation, it tries to reactivate the version which I never bought, 5 cubase …

Open a support ticket from your account page.

You should be able to run the old versions if you have a full version 9 license.

That’s what I’ve heard a lot of times, not sure how to activate it though.

Good luck!