Problem with registering Wavelab LE8 - HELP!

Hi, I got a bundled Wavelab LE8 with a recent purchase of a Zoom. It’s installed on my computer (actually the 2nd installation due to computer problems) and every time before I open it I have a little popup window asking “Do you want to register now?” - It also tells me I need to register before 5th March - it then gives me the option to either register or start.

I’ve gone through the registration process probably 4 or 5 times now and this little window still keeps popping up in spite of the fact that my account says that product is registered successfully.

How do I get it to accept that the software on my computer actually is registered? Please help, anyone?!

Having exactly the same problem: tried at least 5 times.
No responses from the forum?
No help from Steinberg support?
Please let me know if you succeeded. Otherwise I’ll probably just revert to good old Audacity which may be a bit slimmer on features, but at least works without nags.

@aquila: the activation codes can only be used once. If the HDD was erased a new Operating system environment was installed from scratch, a new activation code will be required. If you didn’t, you may close the warning and ignore it, since the license has been already registered in the meantime.

@henrikfodgaard: it seems that the license has not been downloaded yet. The activation code for Wavelab LE 8 has not been used (see your MySteinberg account): Sign in
To download a license, open the eLicenser Control Center and hit the button “Enter activation code” and follow the instructions on screen to download the license. Further instructions on how to operate the eLicenser Control Center can be found here: