Problem with removing expired presets for Halion (Sub Presets)

Hi guys,
When I open my Cubase I get the message in the picture.
It seems like some presets were activated once but they expired and there is no way I can find them to delete them.
Steinberg’s website I visited in the link proved of no use to me.
Thanks for any help!

FYI, I have the exact same problem with Dorico Pro 3.


I have the same problem :astonished:

Mine has been with me thru Cubase 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5

None of the suggetions to fix this does work.

Annoying , but no big deal.

Kinda old topic but, new projects that I create with cubase 10 don’t show this anymore.
I have done a clean setup since I upgraded to a larger SSD and that seems to have fixed the issue.