Problem with routing on Ur824

I have just installed UR824 interface with Cubase 8.5. I wanted to try out a simple recording session but ran into a problem which I can t seem to solve :

I recorded a guitar part on an audio track via a mic. When relistening to the recording I cannot seem to switch the mic off. Even though I am not in record mode nor have the monitoring button engaged in Cubase the mic is still picking up a signal. So when I replay the recorded track obviously this causes feedback since the mic is recapturing the audio and sending it through the monitors once again…

Even when turning the input faders down on the mix console, a signal is coming through the monitors…probably something stupid but I cannot seem to find the problem…

Hope someone can help…


Couldn t solve it via the manual so if anyone has had a similar problem, would appreciate any suggestions…


Close cubase and start the dspmixerGui mixer, check if settings could be a problem (fader for the mic channel for example or a send/channelstrip).

Or it could be a send problem. Is it back after a complete restart of your system?

note: I owned the UR824, but do not exactly recall how the included mixer software was named.
Bottom-line is that the stand-a-lone settings which are made trough mixer software can interfere with cubase settings.