Problem with sffz playback

Hi, I encounter a problem.
In VSL horns there are separate patches for sforzato (sfz) and sforzatissimo (sffz).
In Expression maps I can address the sign sfz to the sforzato patch, no problem.
But if I try to address sffz to the VSL sforzatissimo patch, Dorico plays the sforzato patch a little louder.
I can’t get this right.
I made in Playback Playing Techniques in the dynamics a sffz sign (there is no one there by default) by duplicating the sfz sign and changed it to sffz.
That didn’t work, so I deleted that sign on that place.
I see the sffz sign in the “edit music symbols…” section, but I can’t do there anything to adress the sffz sign there.

My question: is it possible to address the sffz sign to a different patch as the sfz patch?
Thanks for any help!

I"ve got the same problem. It seems that only sfz works. The combined dynamics like fp are also not working. I don’t see them in the playback lane (play tab) when assigning to a note.

For triggering a specific playing technique, only sforzando (i.e. sfz) is currently supported. Combined dynamics do not trigger playing techniques. However, both combined dynamics and force dynamics do affect the overall dynamic profile and you will find them in the dynamics lane in Play mode.