Problem with sound signal (Mic)

Hello, first of all please forgive me for my english, I’m italian.
When my mic is plugged in, a Samson C01U, works perfectly, but every minute or so the sound stops working for about 1 second, and causes me the interruption of what I was doing, like recording with MIDI or recording an audio track. As you can imagine it keeps from doing almost anything, becuase I can’t record for more than one minute at a time, I have to stop what I’m doing before the signal loss, or the recording, in that second, won’t work.
I can see that inside the bar of the track (Or the MIDI track), when this happens, there is nothing, and after a second or so it starts again to record, and when I listen to the track I was recording, in that moment, there is no audio. I tried to change the cable of the Mic but didn’t work out. The mic is in perfect condition.
I use Cubase 7 with Asio4All.

I don’t know if all these informations are enough, please tell me if I have to tell you something else.
Thank you very much for your help.


Do you have a low latency audio interface?

That’s probably the problem, it happens if you record anything?

Does it happen if you just play your song?

What is your latency set at?

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This is the setting, the Mic is plugged directly to PC through a USB cable

Stopping for 1 second is processor overload.

Could be caused by a lot of things.

You’re giving the computer a hard job to process audio in real time, if you ask too much it will fail once in a while for a second or so.

You have to make sure that some other program or background process isn’t causing the problem.

Having a good interface makes the job a lot easier because the interface is doing a lot of the work.

Same with things like UAD processing.

You might get more info on the ASIO4all forums, I mainly work with interfaces to process low latency audio.

Tougher job to use a sound card.